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What is iFrame?

iFrame or Inline Frame is HTML element and its used to insert other sources of the web page, advertisement, maps etc its also has own scrollbar.

What is iFrame Generator?

iFrameGenerator.com is one of the best and Advances free online iFrame creator tools (iframe code generator) with live iframe Preview option for Webmasters or Web Designers to embed any online page to any HTML page or docs.

How to create an iframe.

In this iframe generator, you can change width, height, margin width, margin height of iframe, you can also disable and enable border, you can change border type to none, hidden, solid, dotted, dashed, border size and also you can change the border color and also make iframe responsive.

Advantages of iFrame.

1. Safe and used mostly by ad serving technologies.
2.Content is loaded before an advertisement which is important to a publisher.

Iframe Embed Code Example

<iframe src="https://www.iframegenerator.com/" style="border:0px #ffffff none;" name="myiFrame" scrolling="no" frameborder="1" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" height="220px" width="786px" allowfullscreen></iframe>